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Ticketing Information:

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2024 General Sale:

Opens: TBD

Cost: TBD

2024 OMG Sale: TBD



General Admission:

POrtalBurn is making huge changes in ticketing this year! We are attempting digital check-in at gate and electronic waivers.

This means every particpant needs thier own ticket. A maximum of two tickets may be purchased for participants aged 13 and older. However, the extra ticket must be transfered prior to the event.

As always, kids aged 12 and under DO NOT need a ticket and can freely enter the event with a ticketed parent or guardian.

OMG Admission:

Any open tickets remaing after the General Admission sale, ending July 5, will be transfered to the OMG Sale.

Please note if you purchase these tickets:

  • It is too late to bring your camper
  • It is too late to register a theme camp
  • It is too late to do anything that requires registration

POrtalBurn Ticket Aid

POrtalBurn is offering Ticket Aid tickets for 2024. If you would like to attend POrtalBurn and believe the cost is too much please follow the link below.

These tickets are in very limited supply and will be awarded based on need.

The information you share will only be seen by the POrtalBurn BOD and will not be shared.

2024 POrtalBurn Ticket Aid will be opening soon.

Parking Passes:

We strongly encourage carpooling, parking is very very tight at HBH and we need to ensure there is enough parking.

Parking passes will be available for a $5 purchase as an add-on with a ticket purchase. You must purchase a parking pass if you intend to bring a vehicle.


The name on your ticket must match a government issued photo ID and will be checked at gate. Every participant aged 13 and older needs to be named on their ticket.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and are exempt from the ID rule stated above.

A ticket with a friend's, partner's, lover's or any other name that does not match your ID is not valid and you will not be permitted entry.


Please DO NOT leave and attempt to re-enter event. Doing so could jeopardize our ability to have POrtalBurn in the future. Particpants in violation will be asked to leave and could result in a temporary or permanent ban from POrtalBurn!


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POrtalBurn 2024 Ticket Sale Will Be Annouced Soon

I have read the terms above before purchasing a ticket and
I understand I must transfer any extra tickets,
I understand waivers are only available digitally and must be accepted by every participant.
I will also go to the Volunteer page and choose a shift because Burning takes Communal Effort!

Please click check box to agree and make ticketing button active.

Transfer Your Tickets

For Additional Information Click the Menus Below.
Still can't find what you are looking for? Try the POrtalBurn Survival Guide
Hummingbird Hill
6780 Stanz Rd. Almond, NY 14804
There will be limited gate hours. New arrivals will be permitted entry only during Gate hours. Seriously - don't arrive outside of Gate hours.

Gate Hours Subject to change over the next several weeks.

Thursday: 3 p.m. through 10 p.m.

Friday: 9 a.m. through Midnight

Saturday: 9 a.m. through 6 p.m.

Sunday: Gate is closed to new arrivals.

Monday: Gate is closed

Departure and re-entry will be limited to emergencies only. There will be no traffic movement in or out of the event site during the Saturday and Sunday night burns; you can depart only after the burn is deemed 'safe' by our Fire Team.

You can arrive earlier than 3 p.m. on Thursday only if you have prior authorization. If you are not approved for early arrival, do not show up before 3 p.m on Thursday. Early Arrival will be permitted for authorized individuals who are critical to making the event happen. This will include, but may not be limited to Board members, Leads, Art Grant recipients and the Effigy Builder. Theme Camps may request early arrival if it's critical for their setup.
You will receive an email to accept/deny the ticket transfer. Click “Accept/Deny” in the email. Log into your BurnerTickets account. If you do not have one, create one (using the same email). You will be taken to the accept/deny page. Verify the name on file for your Burner Tickets, click “Accept”. You should now see it on your “My Events” page. You will need that ticket for entry. No exceptions. If you have purchased a ticket and wish to transfer it, click on “My Events/Transfers” on the top menu. Find the ticket you wish to transfer, and click the transfer button Fill out the email address of the user you wish to transfer to, and click “Transfer” You should see the transfer as “Pending”. The person you are transferring to should receive an email within 30 minutes. The email will contain a link to accept the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, the ticket will no longer display on your “My Events” page.

Any tickets sold must be at face value. Profiting from a ticket sale is strictly forbidden. This cannot be emphasized enough. If someone attempts to sell you a ticket for a profit, please email immediately with the subject line 'Ticket Sale Alert'.

You cannot leave gift tickets at the gate; any ticket you cannot use must be transferred via the process above.

POrtalBurn is offering hardship tickets for 2023. If you would like to attend PortalBurn and believe the cost is too much please follow the link below.

These tickets are in very limited supply and will be awarded based on need.

The information you share will only be seen by the PortalBurn BOD and will not be shared.

2023 PortalBurn Ticket Aid is now Closed

There will be a limited number of reserve tickets held to ensure individuals who are critical to making the event happen are able to attend. This will include, but may not be limited to: BOD, Leads, Art Grant Recipients, and the Effigy Builder. If you are a recipient of a reserve ticket, a reserve ticket link will be provided to you to purchase your personal ticket. Yes, kids are allowed! POrtalBurn is a family event that welcomes participants of all ages. However, we do have a "Red Light" district and children are prohibited in this area.

Please be aware that nudity is allowed and some art may be sexualy explicit in nature.

Children 12 and under do not require a ticket.

Minors 13 - 20 will require a ticket and will be provided an underage wristband.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

For the protection of minors at POrtalBurn, all parents and guardians are required to register each minor in their care at the Gate. Please also write your name on the wristbands of the minors in your care. Failing to adequately supervise minors in your care is your fastest ticket out of POrtalBurn, as you may be immediately ejected without exception or recourse.
No, pets are not allowed. Go here for information about service animals. NO refunds, All Sales final. Please do your best to ensure POrtalBurn is selected at purchase. Portal Burn will take place rain or shine. In the unlikely event that the board of directors cancels POrtal a ticket will be issued to a rescheduled event, next year’s event, or a refund will be issued minus any fees, including those administered by burner tickets and processing companies. Ticket Transfers: Open until 24 hours prior to event. PLEASE purchase a parking pass if you intend to bring a vehicle.

General parking is very limited! Please Carpool if possible. We have several parking lots available, with loading zones for convenience!

Please park cars close together and listen to Parking Volunteers, give them a CONSENTUAL BEAR HUG for all that they do. A drop/pickup location for your belongings will be marked by DPW. Please do your best to unpack and get your vehicle to the parking lot ASAP! We all want to say our hellos so please consider those in the line behind you. Portal Burn has several wagons to share however it is highly recommended to bring your own. Vehicles left in the drop-off zone for too long will be subject to ridicule, shame, and boobytraps.

RV and ON-SITE application parking is located on the CAMPS page.