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What is POrtalBurn?

POrtalBurn is a sanctioned regional Burning Man event in New York State, guided by the Ten Principles of Burning Man (look them up and learn them!).
Each year we design and set up a temporary community where everyone participates. There are no vendors; nothing can be bought or sold. Items are freely gifted. The entire event is run by volunteers. Everyone including Board Members, Department Leads, Medics, and Rangers is volunteering, because POrtalBurn belongs to them and you…POrtalBurn IS YOU!

Here you will find the wild, the wonderful, the magical…a world of unbridled creativity and self-expression through music, art, performances, gatherings, food, drink and participatory events. Join us in creating this world…

Where is POrtalBurn?

This year, POrtalBurn returns to Hummingbird Hill in Almond, NY. It has an open field, a swimmable pond, wooded areas, a trail and overlook, and ample grounds suitable for camping. There is an indoor pavilion (we call it the Burrow and it is a space shared by the community for events) with a deck overlooking the site and pond.

See Site Location map below for address

When is POrtalBurn?

POrtalBurn 2023 will begin on Thursday July 27th at 3 pm and end Monday July 31st at noon. Please do not arrive before the gate opens and please be sure to depart by noon on Monday the 31st to keep us in good standing with the land owner!

How to be a part of POrtalBurn?

Important deadlines and forms of participation below.

Have more questions? Read the POrtalBurn Survival Guide!

Gate Hours

Thursday, July 27th: 3 pm - 10 pm
Friday, July 28th: 9 am - midnight
Saturday, July 29th: 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday, July 30th: Gate CLOSED
Monday, July 31st: event ends, we love you and gtfo by NOON

Site Location:

Hummingbird Hill

6780 Stanz Rd. Almond, NY 14804