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Do you want to bring your creative visions to POrtalBurn? Let's make those brilliant ideas come to life! We have money for art grants & our effigy, and we can’t wait to spend it on you! Please complete the Art Grant Application below and remember you must attach a detailed budget in order to be considered for an art grant.

2023 Art Grants are now CLOSED

Wanna decorate one of our beloved POrtalPotties? We'll give you $25 to make everyone's potty experience a thing of joy!

2023 POrtalPotty submissions CLOSED!

Help Guides contain a detailed timeline of events and where they're happening throughout the Burn. You can check out previous years Help Guide below!

We are not printing a HELP Guide for 2023. We ask Burners to please print it for yourself, or save paper and download it to your phone. We will list Events on a white board each day at the TIT during the POrtal. The Burrow schedule will be posted in the lodge.

A Note on the Burrow:

If you wish to use the sound system you MUST reserve the space. Any remaining openings can be reserved at the TIT (see Burrow below). If you use the sound system or host an event in the Burrow, YOU are responsible for ensuring its care and leaving no trace. Be sure to do a complete MOOP sweep following your event. There will be no camping in the Burrow. It is a shared space for awesome Burner Events! Thank you.

Past Help Guides:

You may host an event in the Burrow YOU are responsible for ensuring its care and leaving no trace. Be sure to do a complete MOOP sweep of the Burrow following your event. Thank you!

The Burrow is the indoor lodge space with a deck overlooking the pond that you can use to host your events! It will have a sound system with a mixer and microphone. RECTUM member Nataraj has kindly offered to supply a PA system, audio mixer, cables, one microphone on a stand, and a DJ table. All a DJ needs is their controller/decks plug them in and go. We will update you if anything changes! Please limit your reservations to 2 hour time slots and include MOOP Sweep time in your planning so you leave no trace! Use the SignUpGenius link below to see the schedule and reserve "The Burrow" for your event. Do not forget to list your event in the HELP Guide also!

2023 Burrow Reserve Submisions Now Open!

All fire art must be placed! Either within a Theme Camp or as a standalone project

Wanna build the effigy? Send us your proposal here:

2023 Effigy builder has been selected

All artists are asked to provide Artist's Statements for all placed art, and to review the newly developed POrtalBurn Art Practices (PAP) on the Policies page linked below. Artist Statements can be e-mailed to