Tickets for POrtalBurn 2018 are on sale now.

Click the Brown Paper Ticket link on the right side of the webpage to purchase tickets. Visit the FAQ page here for pretty much everything else you need to know.

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2018 Leads, Code of Conduct Committee, and BOD Member Announcements!


We are super charged to announce our Leads for POrtalBurn 2018, our new Code of Conduct Committee, and our newest BOD Member!

Here are your superstar Leads for 2018!  We are thankful for everyone who expressed interest and thrilled to have these fine burners join the Leadership team! Please join us in welcoming them and giving them your support to make this years POrtalBurn the best ever!  You’ll find contact info for each department here.

Hearty welcome to the founding members of our new Code of Conduct Committee!  We applaud them for stepping up to help make this important function happen!  They’re just getting started so more information will be forthcoming.  Meanwhile, join us in congratulating them for being fabulous representatives on behalf of our community!

Alexander Elmendorf (Indigo)
Damian Masterson
Michael Patko (NakedMike)
Victoria Krafft Laux

And we’d like to extend a warm and overdue welcome to our newest member of the Board of Directors.  Welcome Amanda (Solace) Moore, who joined the BOD in January!  We had some awesome candidates and you rose to the top bringing your enthusiasm, experience, talents, knowledge and level of participation to POrtalBurn.

Thank you all for making POrtalBurn… the Official Regional Burn for Upstate New York… so friggin wonderful!  We’re excited to have you all part of the team that makes Portal happen!

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Art Grant Applications are Due May 27th!

POrtalBurn is Upstate New York’s Official Regional Burning Man Event. Enter a world of the wild, the wonderful, the mysterious, and the magical! We are setting the stage for a weekend of unbridled creativity and invite you to participate and share in this experience. Find out more information at

Do you want to bring your creative visions to POrtalBurn? Let’s make those brilliant ideas come to life! We have money for art grants & for our effigy and we can’t wait to spend it on you!

Please complete the Art Grant Google Doc Application HERE and remember you must attach a detailed budget in order to be considered for an art grant.

Come out and play with us in Upstate NY!!

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POrtalBurn 2018 Art Leads

We select our Art Leads before all others so they can get a jump start on making art happen. Some amazing people volunteered for this role and ya’ll didn’t make it easy for us! Taking all coverage for all the different departments into consideration, we have selected Art Leads for POrtalBurn 2018. Please join us in congratulating Roblyn (Cognac) Powley and Kenzie Kline! They’ll be working together to make super cool shit happen at PB18! Welcome to the team Cognac and Kenzie! Woo woo!

Applications for Art Lead are now closed (obviously) but all others are still open until April 6. Please go here to apply:

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Community input for Code of Conduct nominees

SEEKING COMMUNITY INPUT! We have some awesome participants who have volunteered to form our first POrtalBurn Code of Conduct committee. To help in the final selection of committee members, we are seeking community input. The feedback period is two weeks… until March 30. Click HERE to see the list of candidates and their personal statements as to why they would like to be on the committee. All input is anonymous. Submissions for new candidates for 2018 is now closed. Massive appreciation to the participants who volunteered, and thank YOU in advance for providing your input!
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POrtalBurn 2018 Lead Applications are OPEN!!!

POrtalBurn needs you! LEADS LEADS LEADS! What’s your fancy? You dig making Art happen? Have a hankering for logistics? Get a thrill out of keeping our event safe? Love hugging newbies? Have a passion for creating a rockstar guide? Got a knack for herding cats to volunteer? Or just like getting your hands dirty? There’s a role for you! Please join the Leadership Team for POrtalBurn 2018. Art Lead positions close on March 17 to allow extra time to get the grants flowin. All others close on April 6. You know you want to… just do it! Go here for Lead descriptions and to apply:

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Seeking volunteers for a Conduct Committee

Wanna help keep POrtalBurn awesome? Volunteer for the Conduct Committee!

In order to make our community and events safer, more inclusive, and more transparent, we are seeking volunteers to form a Code of Conduct Committee.  Based on many conversations that have evolved within our community, the time has come to develop a community driven forum for addressing conduct issues. The Board took the initiative to develop the initial Code of Conduct to help ensure that at a minimum, it would support continuation of the event. Any further development of the Code of Conduct will be committee driven. Please read the initial Code of Conduct here, along with the guidelines the BOD has developed for committee selection.

Click here to complete your submission if would like to be a candidate for the committee.

Applications to be on the Conduct Committee are open until March 4, 2018. The BOD will then post the list of candidates and seek community input before making final selections. This initial committee will play a vital role in creating the foundation for how POrtalBurn conduct issues are addressed moving forward. This is a fantastic opportunity to help shape our event so that all participants can experience the magic of POrtalBurn.  Thank you for in advance for stepping up!

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Facebook Discussion Group Moderator Position Open!

In the spirit of Burning Man we’d like the POrtalBurn Facebook Discussion Group to be community driven and community moderated. This role will be considered a Lead position within the POrtalBurn community. As such, we are asking for a one year commitment and will be offering a reserve (not comp) ticket. We are looking for multiple awesome people to fill this role. More description and application found here:

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POrtalBurn 2017 Ranger Guide

Here is a link to our newly updated POrtalBurn 2017 Ranger Guide so new and returning Rangers can look this over before training.

Training is at 8PM on Friday at the BoOB Base.

We are still looking for signups for some of the odd hour shifts. Please sign up here.

First time rangers can not sign up for shifts before training.


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Announcing…the POrtalBurn 2017 HELP Guide!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen – your resource for all things portal.
Download now for your pre-POrtal perusal!
Or, if you love the feel of paper in hand, have no fear – a black&white, print-friendly version is forthcoming.

POrtalBurn HELP Guide 2017 – FINAL

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