2019 Theme Camp and Placement submissions are CLOSED!

There is no more onsite parking or RV space available. Really, there’s isn’t. Please don’t ask. We’re not kidding.

The Placement Form was used to request:

  • Theme Camp Placement (all Sound Camps, and camps with flaming art require placement)
  • Theme Camp Listings for HELP Guide (camps not requesting placement)
  • RV/Camper/Onsite Parking Requests
  • Art Placement (for art that is not funded by a grant)

Submission deadline was 11:59pm on 7/1.

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POrtalBurn 2019 Overview and Info

We are thrilled to share an overview map of our new site for 2019 in Hannibal, NY. We finally have woods camping! We’re super excited about the new space and can’t wait to see you there. Ticket sales, Volunteer sign ups, Art Grant applications and Event submissions are all open, and Placement applications are right around the corner! You have questions? We have answers! Visit the FAQs on our website for all the links and info you need to gear up for POrtalBurn 2019: https://portalburn.org/faq/

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Art Grants Open Until May 31st!!

POrtalBurn is Upstate New York’s Official Regional Burning Man Event. Enter a world of the wild, the wonderful, the mysterious, and the magical! We are setting the stage for a weekend of unbridled creativity in a shiny new location and invite you to be inspired by our new forest-y home.

Do you want to bring your creative visions to POrtalBurn? Let’s make those brilliant ideas come to life! We have money for art grants & for our effigy and we can’t wait to spend it on you!

Please complete the Art Grant Google Doc Application HERE and remember you must attach a detailed budget in order to be considered for an art grant.

Come out and play with us in Upstate NY!

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POrtalBurn Arts Practices (PAP)

The POrtalBurn Board of Directors has developed ‘POrtalBurn Arts Practices (PAP)‘ for 2019 to help guide our burn community moving forward. These practices are being shared with POrtalBurn artists, and the community at large. Please feel free to contact the BOD at portalburnny@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.

You can find the POrtalBurn Arts Practices HERE

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2019 POrtalBurn Leads!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Lead Team for POrtalBurn 2019!  Thank you one and all for stepping up and taking on this important role to make POrtalBurn happen!

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POrtalBurn 2019 Tickets

POrtalBurn 2019 tickets go on sale at
Noon on April 21, 2019

The ticket link is posted on the right side of our homepage.

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Board of Directors Applications are Open!

Do you want to help build our community? Bring your ideas and your passion to the Board of Directors!

Applications are open, now through November 30, 2018 at midnight. A description of what the board is all about can be found in the BOD Agreement.

Submit Here!

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POrtalBurn 2018 Participant Survey

Your feedback, thoughts and experiences are super duper important to us. Please take 5 minutes and complete the POrtalBurn 2018 Afterburn Survey!  If you are going to Burning Man – yippee! Please complete the survey before you head to the playa, before your memory gets clouded with dust!  The deadline for taking the survey is September 9 at noon.  
Thank you!
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POrtalBurn 2018 Ranger Guide

Hello Rangers! Here is the link to this year’s guide:

POrtalBurn 2018 Ranger Guide

Quick Reminder, all Rangers, new and returning, are expected to attend training at 5 PM on Friday at the Nest.

Thank you for being so awesome!

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POrtalBurn Code of Conduct

Greetings POrtalBurners,

The Code of Conduct Committee has two important links that we wanted to share with you.

The first is the updated version of the POrtalBurn Code of Conduct and Conduct Committee Guidelines. These guidelines are meant to outline, in as transparent a way as possible, the off-site role that the volunteer members of the newly formed Code of Conduct will play in helping to mediate conflicts between members of our community that participants were not able to resolve themselves during the event.

The second is the POrtalBurn Incident Report Form. This is the form that participants should use to submit a Conduct Complaint directly to the Code of Conduct Committee.

If anyone has any questions, you can email POrtalBurnConduct@gmail.com.

Go HERE for the updated Guidelines and Incident Report Form.

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