POrtalBurn 2019 Leads

PARKING: Eric Galloway (Peeps)

The Parking Lead will manage all aspects of parking logistics. Temporary ‘on site’ passes will need to be administered, and cars in queue will need to be managed. Parking will need to be managed during exodus as well.   Parking Lead Guidelines

FIRE: Michele Christiana (Phoenix) & Michael McDermott (McGuyver)

Responsible for establishing safety protocols for all things that burn, including barrels and art.  They will lead the team that monitors all burn activity. All local fires must be in burn barrels or enclosed elevated fire pits. No burning on the ground and no outside firewood is permitted.  Previous fire management experience will be important. Fire Lead Guidelines

MASH: Ted Winkle (Twinkle)

The MASH Lead will develop ways to identify best practices to help get participants help for first aid emergencies, big and small, should they arise.  MASH Lead Guidelines

GATE: Nyk Giove (Obscene)

The Ticket Lead will create and manage the process for collecting tickets, distributing wristbands, signing waivers, and any other tasks that are managed at the gate. We do not have an electronic method at this time, so they’ll need to work with our existing paper process. Gate Lead Guidelines

GREETER: Marion Petty (Moon Pie)

This Lead will coordinate Greeting functions, so you’ll need to take charge and be organized…  Greeters will be responsible for welcoming participants to the event while answering questions and acculturating participants on the 10 Principals of Burning Man. Greeter Lead Guidelines

VOLUNTEER – OFFSITE & ONSITE: Wes Renfro (Lazer Bear) & Iris Zaïm

Excellent communication skills, motivating others and being well organized are much needed skills! Cat herding is a talent.

The Off-Site Volunteer Lead will be responsible for administering an online signup for volunteers from the time tickets go on sale to the event date. They will work with all other leads in advance of ticket sales using online communication tools.  They will ensure slots get filled before the event and keep the community informed of volunteer needs.  The Volunteer Lead will also work with the BOD liaison to determine budgeting and other on-site volunteer needs.

The On-Site Volunteer Lead will oversee The Information Tent (TIT) to ensure set up, smooth transitions between shifts, and communication with other departments.  They are responsible for opening and closing the TIT each day of the event. Volunteer Lead Guidelines


This Lead will be responsible for developing the application process for theme camps requesting placement, and will determine camp placement. They will also manage applications for RV requests. They can use and modify our existing form, or develop a new one if you prefer. They will work with the Sound Lead to place sound camps appropriately; consult with the Fire Lead to ensure camps with fire adhere to safety standards; coordinate with the Art Lead to make sure all art requiring placement has the space it needs; and work with the HELP Guide Lead to ensure Theme Camp descriptions and our event map are included. They get to make the super cool placement map and help make our event soarTheme Camp Lead Guidelines

RANGER & ASSISTANT: Brendan Bulson (0m36a) & Michael (Sticky)

Ranger Lead will train, organize and oversee the Ranger volunteers. Previous Ranger experience will be required.  Looking sexy in khaki is desired, but not crucial. Ranger Lead Guidelines

HELP GUIDE: Roblyn Powley (Cognac the Destroyer)

The HELP guide is our all-in-one document for Happenings, Events, Logistics and Principles. The Lead will develop a system for event submission (or use our existing one) and will oversee the content, design, layout, and printing of these booklets. Ability to communicate a live event list as events are submitted would be amazing! Coordinator will recruit members to assist with art and content to make it pretty and informative! HELP Guide Lead Guidelines

DPW – SETUP & STRIKE: Amanda Moore (Solace) & Tom Tighe (Water Bee)

The DPW Leads will spearhead activities such as pre-event work weekends, event set up, post-event cleanup, and manage the DPW team.  The Leads will work together to determine needed infrastructure for the event.  One Lead will focus on setting up the event, and will thus need to be in attendance at least a day prior to opening.  Along with their team, this Lead will prep all the infrastructure needed.  The second Lead will be responsible for breaking down the site on Monday, with the appropriate team.  This Lead will also be responsible for getting all of the infrastructure into the storage unit.  Both Leads may be required to be a part of pre-event work weekends as needed.  The ability to kick ass, drink whiskey and growl at people is not a requirement but it sure can come in handy!  DPW Lead Guidelines

ART – CoLeads: Angela Freeman (Dr. Boose) & Christey Curran (House Cat)

The Art Lead will follow the process for art grant requests, recruit and lead a team to review and vote on art grant applications as well as effigy builder applications. They’ll work with Theme Camp Lead to determine art placement and the fire team for placement of burning art, and assist art recipients in finding the location to place their art.  Most of the art department leads work is done before the burn. Art Lead Guidelines

SOUND: Jackson ‘JJ’ Foster (JJ)

The Sound Lead will be responsible for upholding and enforcing POrtalBurn’s ‘sound policy’ (posted publicly on the POrtalBurn website).  This will happen by recruiting a few sound volunteers to help the Lead monitor the event. The Sound Lead will be the point person to address any sound issues that may arise. The Sounds Lead will likely collaborate with the Theme Camp lead.  Sound Lead Guidelines

CONCLAVE: Michele Christiana (Phoenix)

The Conclave Lead will organize and oversee our POrtalBurn Conclave, including safety procedures and preparation to ensure we have a safe and exciting celebration on Burn night! Conclave Lead Guidelines

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POrtalBurn Board of Directors

BOD Members:  Who’s who of POrtalBurn
By-Laws: By Laws (signed 2017-01-15)
BOD Agreement: A description of the expectations

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