HELP Guide & Events



We did not print HELP Guides for 2021. We ask Burners to please print it for yourself, or download to your phone. We will list Events on a white board each day at the TIT during the POrtalBurn.  The pavilion schedule will be posted at the pavilion.

About the Pavilion…

More info coming soon. Last year Nataraj kindly offered to supply a sound system for events hosted in the pavilion including a PA system, audio mixer, cables, one microphone on a stand, and a DJ table. So all a DJ needed to bring was their controller/decks plug them in and go. We will update you with this year’s set up soon!

If you wish to use the sound system you MUST reserve the space. If you use the sound system or host an event in the pavilion YOU are responsible for ensuring its care and leaving no trace. Be sure to do a complete MOOP sweep of the pavilion following your event. Thank you!