Month: July 2017

POrtalBurn 2017 Ranger Guide

Here is a link to our newly updated¬†POrtalBurn 2017 Ranger Guide so new and¬†returning Rangers can look this over before training. Training is at 8PM on Friday at the BoOB Base. We are still looking for signups for some of the odd hour shifts. Please sign up here. First time rangers can not sign up […]

Announcing…the POrtalBurn 2017 HELP Guide!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen – your resource for all things portal. Happenings! Events! Logistics! Principles! (HELP!) Download now for your pre-POrtal perusal! Or, if you love the feel of paper in hand, have no fear – a black&white, print-friendly version is forthcoming. POrtalBurn HELP Guide 2017 – FINAL