Month: July 2014

The 2014 HELP Guide is Here!

The HELP Guide is HERE!!! YAY!! Check it out and start planning all of the cool things you’re gonna do and see and make!! The printed guide will be $15 and will be available for purchase at the Gate. (Just kidding about the $15!! They’re FREE!!). You can print this PDF, but please understand that […]

Consent! (a.k.a. Tips and Hints – Don’t be an Ass)

Let’s talk about sex baby. More importantly… let’s talk about consent baby. Consent means…. Ask before you touch. Ask before you take a picture. Ask before you cross a boundary. Ask before you assume. If you ask, and you do not receive affirmation, the answer is no. If you don’t ask, the answer is no. […]

Tips and Hints – Leave No Trace

For those who are new to a ‘leave no trace’ event, where water and ice are not available on site, I thought a thread to share tips about how to manage your cooler and food supplies might be helpful. If you have a tip to share, post it here or check out the thread on […]

You are Here! Part 2: Directions

DIRECTIONS TO PORTALBURN There are two main ways to get to PortalBurn. From pretty much any starting point the best idea is to get yourself to the Dandy Minimart on Route 96B. At the Dandy, you can buy ice and water and other supplies. There will be flags at key intersections from the Dandy to […]

You are here! Almost

Greetings Portalburners! I am thrilled to share our placement map and site map with you! Please note the items shown on the placement map are not to scale, but the dimensions you should expect to be reserved for theme camps are indicated. Upon arrival the area for theme camps will be marked. Any space in […]

Official word on open camping generators

If you are open camping in the woods, generators are permitted HOWEVER they must be placed on the visible path and not within the wooded area amongst tents. They must be turned off when unattended. We request you do whatever you can to mitigate sound. If you are open camping in the main field, generators […]