Month: June 2014

Almost there!

Ok Portal Burners, we’re in the home stretch! It almost time to bask in the sun, play in the pond, enjoy some kick ass art, and soak in the amazing community! That last part is really the glue that holds this all together and the best way you can help stoke it? Volunteering! We have […]

Yes, Portal Burners, There Is Playadipity

Will there be a bomb ass sound system available for use at the pavilion you ask? Why yes, yes there will be, thanks to an anonymous loaning of a 6kw generator from somewhere on the NYC playa! :o) Extra gas would make an awesome gift for this gift to continue to give!

HELP Guide Is Being Constructed!

Thank you everyone who submitted their theme camp and event information! The PortalBurn 2014 HELP guide is now being constructed by our uber sexy volunteers! Stay tuned for the only portal travel guide you’ll ever need!

Medical volunteers and event scheduling!

Want to help out as kick ass medical volunteer?! The medical signup is now available! Medical Along with the need for medical volunteers, medical supplies are also greatly appreciated and often in short supply. Let us know the booty you’ll be showing off so we can appropriately spread the wealth. While your at it, […]

Make PortalBurn Awesome!

PortalBurn is 100% volunteer driven! Please consider signing up for any of the following… Command Center Gate Keepers Lantern Lighters Rangers Pavilion

Art Grants! Art Grants! Application deadline 6/20!

Applications are open for Art Grants and we want to see what our fellow participants wish to bring to this event! Please click the Art Grants link above to find the application form. While dreaming and scheming your wonderful projects, please remember that this is a Leave No Trace event and that there is no […]