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  1. Greeting & Salutations

    My name is Simple Civilian. I am a visual artist and burner from Dallas, TX. I just heard news about Portal. I’d love to bring art to the event.

    I will be traveling to NY next week. Sadly, I don’t have a ticket to the burn. Can the burnerverse help me find a ticket.?. Plz call/text/email me. Thanks for your help.

    simple c

  2. Greetings & Salutations

    My name is Simple Civilian. I am a visual artist and burner from Dallas, TX. I work in the fine arts and will be in NY this wknd. I just heard about Portal and would love to attend and participate. Is there any way I can purchase a ticket? I will be camping and traveling alone not knowing anybody at the event but hope to make new connections. Thanks for your time.

  3. Ranger Beauty says:

    Ranger Beauty (Medical) & RatBastard (Rangers) here.
    We’re happy to be attending our second Portal Burn.
    We’ll have our RV & would like to camp in the same spot as last year. On the road near Medical.
    I’m (Beauty) requesting early arrival for Medical please.
    Would you like me on site Wed. July 26th or Thursday July 27th?
    Please advise ASAP.
    Yours in health & safety,
    RB x 2

  4. Aner "Space Kitten" Tal (Burner name may change) says:

    Hi was just at my first burner fest (PEX Summer Festival) and it was amazing. I’m looking to mix in with regional burner groups to possibly pave my way to a camp at Burning Man. So coming to PB would be great. BUT an Acro event near and dear to my heart is that very same weekend! Argh! I was thinking of passing between the two to reach Portal Burn late (Sat) but not sure how you all felt about that (somebody not being there *all* the time – I know it isn’t as good). Happy to teach and possibly volunteer at the Shelter. Also interested in learning about Theme Camps to possibly join the effort with something. Oh and can do some photography while i’m there!

    • Dusty Nipples says:

      Hi Space Kitten! Regardless of how long you stay, tickets are the same price for everyone… we welcome all participants. Please be sure to check the gate hours though as there are specified times the gate will be open for new arrivals. The gate will be closed late Saturday during the effigy burn. Hours are posted in the FAQ’s (on the left) and will be updated as we grow closer to the event, since the gate can only be open if we have volunteers to staff it. You can sign up for volunteer shifts here to… see the pane on the left. We hope you can join us!

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