BOD Application


Submit your application here!

Do you want to help build our community? Bring your ideas and your passion to the Board of Directors!

We are VERY excited after having our post-burn planning meeting!

We got wonderful feedback from the community that is super helpful in planning for next year – there will be some big changes that you’re going to love! 💜

In the meantime…GET INVOLVED!!!

Upstate New York POrtalBurn Arts is looking to recruit new members for the Board of Directors!

Your qualifications should be a love of POrtalBurn and a desire to keep growing the event to its full potential.

Your responsibilities include showing up, contributing to decision making, and community building.

We want YOU to join the BOD!

Applications are due by October 31st, 2019.

Submit your application here!

Additional information of what joining the board is all about can be found in the BOD Agreement.

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