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POrtalBurn 2018 Ranger Guide

Hello Rangers! Here is the link to this year’s guide: POrtalBurn 2018 Ranger Guide Quick Reminder, all Rangers, new and returning, are expected to attend training at 5 PM on Friday at the Nest. Thank you for being so awesome!

Facebook Discussion Group Moderator Position Open!

In the spirit of Burning Man we’d like the POrtalBurn Facebook Discussion Group to be community driven and community moderated. This role will be considered a Lead position within the POrtalBurn community. As such, we are asking for a one year commitment and will be offering a reserve (not comp) ticket. We are looking for […]

POrtalBurn 2017 Ranger Guide

Here is a link to our newly updated POrtalBurn 2017 Ranger Guide so new and returning Rangers can look this over before training. Training is at 8PM on Friday at the BoOB Base. We are still looking for signups for some of the odd hour shifts. Please sign up here. First time rangers can not sign up […]

Art Grants: Closed Again!

Wow! The response to our procrastination grants was really impressive! We have closed the art grants again. Stay tuned for a list of the awesome art that you can expect to experience at POrtalBurn. If you have an art piece that you would like to see on the list, even if you did not apply for a grant, […]

Art Grants! Art Grants! Application deadline 6/20!

Applications are open for Art Grants and we want to see what our fellow participants wish to bring to this event! Please click the Art Grants link above to find the application form. While dreaming and scheming your wonderful projects, please remember that this is a Leave No Trace event and that there is no […]