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Before you share anything it’s important to know: These images will be publicly accessible, and by sharing them you are granting permission for them to be re-used by the POrtalBurn community for non-commercial purposes. Commercial use of any images will be prohibited.If you’re sharing pictures, we have some guidelines we need you to follow (please):

  1. Respect and consideration should be given to anyone captured in the picture. If there is even a chance someone in the picture wouldn’t want it posted, don’t post it. If in doubt, seek their permission.
  2. No pictures can contain nudity, even if the person pictured gives permission. Time to use your photoshop skills
  3. Do not share pictures that capture questionable or illegal activity.
  4. Pictures of art must include credit to the artist. If unsure of the artist or project name, please check our Archive section on for old HELP Guides and Maps.
  5. Picture titles will ideally follow this naming convention… identify the year, followed by details…
  • PBYY Artist-Project
  • PBYY Camp-Description
  • PBYY DJ-Description
  • PBYY Description

Some examples…

  • PB19 VinnyRovitelli-Mutatis
  • PB19 CampSexy-Fog tunnel
  • PB19 Kenzie-Killin it at the pavillion
  • PB18 Family Photo
  • PB16 Work Weekend

The BOD will monitor pictures that get shared to ensure they fit the guidelines. If deemed necessary, we reserve the right to remove pictures from the site.If a picture of you, or your project, is shared and you want it removed, please contact the BOD at and it will be removed.

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