2018 Leads, Code of Conduct Committee, and BOD Member Announcements!


We are super charged to announce our Leads for POrtalBurn 2018, our new Code of Conduct Committee, and our newest BOD Member!

Here are your superstar Leads for 2018!  We are thankful for everyone who expressed interest and thrilled to have these fine burners join the Leadership team! Please join us in welcoming them and giving them your support to make this years POrtalBurn the best ever!  You’ll find contact info for each department here.

Hearty welcome to the founding members of our new Code of Conduct Committee!  We applaud them for stepping up to help make this important function happen!  They’re just getting started so more information will be forthcoming.  Meanwhile, join us in congratulating them for being fabulous representatives on behalf of our community!

Alexander Elmendorf (Indigo)
Damian Masterson
Michael Patko (NakedMike)
Victoria Krafft Laux

And we’d like to extend a warm and overdue welcome to our newest member of the Board of Directors.  Welcome Amanda (Solace) Moore, who joined the BOD in January!  We had some awesome candidates and you rose to the top bringing your enthusiasm, experience, talents, knowledge and level of participation to POrtalBurn.

Thank you all for making POrtalBurn… the Official Regional Burn for Upstate New York… so friggin wonderful!  We’re excited to have you all part of the team that makes Portal happen!