Seeking volunteers for a Conduct Committee

Wanna help keep POrtalBurn awesome? Volunteer for the Conduct Committee!

In order to make our community and events safer, more inclusive, and more transparent, we are seeking volunteers to form a Code of Conduct Committee.  Based on many conversations that have evolved within our community, the time has come to develop a community driven forum for addressing conduct issues. The Board took the initiative to develop the initial Code of Conduct to help ensure that at a minimum, it would support continuation of the event. Any further development of the Code of Conduct will be committee driven. Please read the initial Code of Conduct here, along with the guidelines the BOD has developed for committee selection.

Click here to complete your submission if would like to be a candidate for the committee.

Applications to be on the Conduct Committee are open until March 4, 2018. The BOD will then post the list of candidates and seek community input before making final selections. This initial committee will play a vital role in creating the foundation for how POrtalBurn conduct issues are addressed moving forward. This is a fantastic opportunity to help shape our event so that all participants can experience the magic of POrtalBurn.  Thank you for in advance for stepping up!