UPDATED 8/30/21

EVENTS and PAVILION SIGN UP: List your event in the online HELP guide. Reserve the pavilion for your shindig. See what’s happening. Go here: https://portalburn.org/event-submissions/

Event Submissions for 2021 are closed.

VOLUNTEER: POrtalBurn cannot happen without you! Go here to see all of the opportunities to participate and sign up:  https://portalburn.org/volunteer/ 

Visit the TIT during the event to help cover any open shifts!

ART: Art Grant applications, POrtalPotty Grants, Effigy Builders, Art Committee go here: https://portalburn.org/art-grant-applications/ 

Art Submissions for 2021 are closed.

PLACEMENT:  Theme Camps, Onsite Parking Requests (RV’s, sleeping vehicles) and flaming projects that don’t need a grant go here: https://portalburn.org/submit-theme-camp/

Placement Submissions for 2021 are closed.

GOT RANDOM QUESTIONS? Our FAQs answer lots of them. Yeah, we know it’s a lot to read, but it’s chock full of good stuff. Please check it out: https://portalburn.org/faq/

NEED SOMETHING ELSE? Contact the appropriate Lead for assistance. Their emails are here: https://portalburn.org/contact-location/