POrtalBurn 2021 Update

Hello POrtalBurners! It’s the BOD here checking in, hoping you are doing okay as we venture into 2021. While the lack of burns in 2020 left a void for all of us, we hope you’ve found ways to keep your flame lit, and are energized into being ready for anything as we move toward a new burn season.

We are optimistically working towards the possibility of POrtalBurn2021. It’s too soon to make solid decisions, but we are planning for the best! The BOD has been meeting, discussing locations and dates, and anticipating what might need to happen to pull off PB21. There are many unknowns at this point. The good news is we are small enough to be nimble and responsive, and have an amazeballs community we trust will rise to meet any challenge that comes our way.

Our top priority is for our community to be safe. During the next couple of months we will be monitoring COVID information for our region, and digesting CDC and state guidelines to determine if we can proceed with planning for PB21 – and what that may look like. We anticipate being able to make a ‘move forward’ decision in late April. If we are in a position to move forward, we’ll have more info to share, and will be seeking Leads. So give that some thought because turnaround for getting our shit together might be tighter than usual. But we can do it! Please visit our website (under reconstruction) to see what Lead Positions will be needed https://portalburn.org/leadership/ and consider volunteering when the call comes.

Our plan is to get our ducks in a row, but we’ll need to continue monitoring as this bizarre reality unfolds. We expect we’ll be faced with a solid ‘go/no go’ decision sometime in July. If we’re a go, we’ll be ready! We know this because our POrtalBurn community is strong, creative, resilient, and capable. We miss you so so much, and have all of our energies directed toward making PB21 happen. Until then, we want you to know we are here, we are planning, we are thinking of you, and wish you all the good vibes possible.

With love and hope… The POrtalBurn BOD