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POrtalBurn Update 4/7/20 | POrtalBurn

POrtalBurn Update 4/7/20

Hugs POrtalBurners,

More than anything, we hope you are well. As we struggle with planning for POrtalBurn 2020, the health, safety, and well being of our entire community is at the forefront of our minds and hearts.

Because POrtalBurn is scheduled for late July, we are hopeful that POrtal can happen on schedule. We are also realistic, and are investigating options for postponing if circumstances dictate, and will keep you updated as events unfold. At this time though… everything is speculation. But we are hard asses, and are planning for the best!

We have devised a best-case scenario plan, which would require flexibility and adjustment on everyone’s part. We realize this could change on a dime. 

LEAD SELECTION: Postponed until mid-May

We understand that during April we all have other priorities, and circumstances may change for some people who have applied for Lead positions. So prior to May 13 the BOD will be doing a ‘Lead Applicant Check In’ to see if those who applied are still interested in their Lead Role . If it’s looking like POrtal is a ‘go’ and you’re unable to take on the role, we will understand, and will re-open the position for others to apply.

VOLUNTEER SIGN-UPS: Postponed until June 10

If it is determined that POrtalBurn is a ‘go’, the only way it can happen is if we have volunteer coverage. To help ensure we have the coverage needed, we’re opening volunteer signups before tickets go on sale, but will hold reserve tickets for all volunteers. So if the stars align, and you can commit to attending, signing up for a shift will secure you a reserve ticket and make POrtal happen.


The go/no go decision will be made based on some key factors: participant safety given State, County and CDC guidelines; the overall community health environment at the time; and volunteer coverage. If those factors don’t make it possible, rescheduling may still be an option.


The ticket cap is not known at this time, since it will be based on whatever guidelines might be in place for group gatherings. As previously mentioned, volunteers would have reserve tickets set aside for them to purchase. We are committed to not opening ticket sales until we are confident POrtal can happen.


Given the circumstances, we cannot offer Art Grants at this time. If POrtalBurn is a ‘go’ we anticipate the window of time from ‘go’ to event will be tight. This will make large scale art, and funded art, a challenge. The art grant budget is also dictated by ticket sales. Since we cannot predict what restrictions might be in place for group gatherings, we cannot predict what funds might be available. Of course, if there is funding for art, we will make it happen, and we’ll certainly work to find space for un-funded art if you build it! 

Honestly, if we are fortunate enough for POrtalBurn to happen, there seems to be a community vibe that just burning together is the gift we all want and need most. So all things that require funding are TBD. If it’s a ‘go’ our priority expenditures will be whatever it takes so we can burn safely together. 

We are POrtalBurn. We are not just the Upstate New York Regional…we ARE New York. We send our heartfelt thoughts your way as you navigate through this challenge. And please join us in sending extra good juju, respect, and appreciation for our POrtalBurners in the medical fields, civil and social services, and service industries who are out there working to save lives, and keep us functional and sane. We are soooooo looking forward to seeing all of your shining faces on the other side of this POrtal.

With love,

The POrtalBurn BOD

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