POrtalBurn Preparation!

So you’re coming to POrtalBurn! We can’t wait to burn with you at our new site! There are many things you need to know that can be found here: https://portalburn.org/faq/ but we want to we want to make sure you are prepared so READ THIS! IT’S IMPORTANT!

A few theme camps are in the woods (map coming soon!), and all open camping is in the woods. If you are open camping, or are in a theme camp that is placed in the woods, you need to plan for that. During the work weekends we tried to clear as much space as possible, but you will likely need to do some clearing of your own upon arrival.

– There will be a designated unload area for you to drop your stuff, then return your vehicle to parking.

– There will be wagons to haul your stuff to your site. The distance is not huge, but you will need to haul it in and out. Pack accordingly. Bring your own wagon if you can.

– You will NOT be able to drive your vehicle to your campsite UNLESS you are a theme camp who has placement and been explicitly told you will have vehicle access.

– Remember to factor trash bags into your equation. You gotta haul that out too. Get rid of all excess packaging before you arrive.

– We will have some rakes to use to help clear space, but if you can bring your own it would be super helpful and appreciated. Put your name on your rake if you are willing to let others borrow it.

– Anything you can bring to help illuminate the woods and your campsite would be magical!

– You will need tarps under your tents, and may wish to string tarps from trees (you may need a ladder for that). Pitching a shelter structure will be challenging unless you can find space between the trees. Trees provide shade, so don’t worry about sun. Cover things with tarps if it rains.

– If you are a placed theme camp in the woods, your infrastructure is duly noted. But you should still expect to deal with potential obstacles and adjust as needed.

– When you find your space, LOOK UP. Be aware of any tree limbs that appear precarious. We call them ‘widowmakers’. Know where they are and watch out for them.

– Please make sure there is a pathway clear for people to move about through and around your campsite. Use lights or noodles so others can see your tent guylines.

– Bring a good headlamp with extra batteries. You will need it. There will be a new moon during POrtal this year so we need to be the light!

– Learn how to spot poison ivy. We’ll be posting info to help you but be aware. There are some patches onsite and we will do our best to educate, but you need to be self-reliant. Bring your own Tecnu soap if it’s a concern for you.

– Spray your gear, tents, pants, footwear, socks, etc. before coming to POrtalBurn. Permethrin is your friend, ticks are not. Bring bug spray too. And good shoes!

Some POrtalBurners may be familiar with woods camping, some may not. It’s a new ballgame folks! And it is going to be phenomenal! We just want you all to be prepared and know what to expect. We encourage you to participate in dialogues to help fellow POrtalBurners learn how to navigate the woods!

We are so close… and can’t wait to see you on the other side of the POrtal!