You are Here! Part 2: Directions


There are two main ways to get to PortalBurn.

From pretty much any starting point the best idea is to get yourself to the Dandy Minimart on Route 96B. At the Dandy, you can buy ice and water and other supplies. There will be flags at key intersections from the Dandy to the event.

To get from the Dandy to PortalBurn:

An alternate route, from Ithaca, is also possible. The road is a little less steep, but the road is pretty tight and there’s not a lot of wiggle room.

Edit 01/07/2014:

Although it may look tempting to approach the site from the Northeast or East by taking West Creek Road south off of NYS Route 79 to Speedville and continuing South on County Rte. 33 to near the site, that road is steep, a bit washed out, and definitely not one to take a tall vehicle on.