The POrtalBurn 2018 Map is here!

We are thrilled to share the POrtalBurn 2018 Placement Map! Enjoy!

POrtalBurn 2018 Map (pdf version)

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4 Responses to The POrtalBurn 2018 Map is here!

  1. Tracee says:

    We don’t want to be next to the loud noise. We requested quiet. Can we just set up first come first serve in MSM?

    • Dusty Nipples says:

      Hi Tracee. Our placement lead likely emailed you by now. If you have questions, she’d be the best person to ask. You can reach her here: In a nutshell… yes you can camp in Open Camping in MSM, however you will not be able to place your camper there. You can discuss alternatives with the placement lead. Thanks!

  2. Tracee Laing says:

    Can you tell me where I was placed? I requested a spot for my tiny teardrop camper and have not heard back from anyone

    • Dusty Nipples says:

      I show you were placed in The Bufflehead. You should have received an email confirming. Please check your spam folder. I will ask our placement lead to email you again.

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