Hello world!

We are thrilled to announce we have a name, date and location for our Upstate NY event inspired by the 10 principles of Burning Man!!!

PortalBurn will be held from Friday, July 11 through Monday, July 14 in Candor, NY. Lead Coordinators will be allowed early entry on Thursday. Our date was chosen to avoid coinciding with other events throughout the region, and with the hope it would allow the community flexibility to participate in as many events as possible!

Our location was chosen by organizers who visited the site and met with the owner. Every possible consideration for our desires and priorities was given during the scouting and selection process. Click here to see it!


PortalBurn will be held on a beautiful lot of privately owned land just south of Ithaca, near the village of Candor. The owner is a wonderful man named Rex who is in tune with the type of the event we are creating. Large private events (parties, weddings, etc) have been held here in the past so Rex has experience with the logistics we’ll be facing, and he’s supportive in helping us make it work. Our desire for music, privacy, space and radical self-expression are welcomed here!

Highlights include:
– Adequate space for an effigy burn
– A large open field to accommodate theme camps and open camping (approx 35,000 square feet)
– Space in the woods to pitch tents for people wanting shade or more privacy
– An open air pavilion (approx 15×30 feet) with a gravel foundation
– A clean pond, with both an attached and a floating dock. Floatable water toys are encouraged! No soap please. The water is swimmable, but not potable.
– Ample parking in a neighboring field that is part of the owner’s property.
– Ample space for independent art installations
– Lots of natural, local firewood onsite
– A store 5 miles from the site with water, gas, beer, snacks and fast food (Dandy mini mart). Potable water is BYO.
– Sufficient distance from neighbors to allow music during any hours we choose!
– Space for growth! This burn will have a ticket cap that is determined by the scale we are able to manage at this time, not by the limitations of the space. The cap is TBD.
– A landowner who is willing to scale leasing costs based upon attendance, to keep our costs manageable and encourage a long term relationship.
– A landowner who will also be a participant!

WE ARE PUTTING THE CALL OUT NOW for volunteers to assume Lead Coordinator roles that are CRUCIAL to make this event a reality. Without them, this event cannot happen. The Coordinators will need to build a team to cover these functions, and will have a Volunteer Coordinator (Josh, see below) to help with that task. We prefer Coordinators who have previously been to a burn. Early entry (Thursday) will be permitted for Coordinators.


***Parking Coordinator***
Due to logistics, we can only allow a limited number of cars at one time into the event space to load/unload. Temporary ‘on site’ passes will need to be administered, and cars in queue will need to be managed. This includes arrivals and departures – so parking will need to be covered during exodus as well. The driving distance between parking and event space entrance is approx 1/3 mile. There is also a rugged walking path about 700 feet long between them. A shuttle service should be considered between the parking lot and event space to help those unable to walk, or aid small camps arriving and departing.

***Effigy Builder***
We are seeking a team or individual to build our PortalBurn Effigy! An Effigy grant will be provided, amount TBD. The goal is for the effigy builder to incur no out of pocket expenses. If you are chosen to build the effigy, the Organizing Committee will work with you to appreciate the logistics of the burn.

***Fire Team Lead***
Will be responsible for ensuring safety for all things that burn. All local fires must be in burn barrels or enclosed elevated fire pits. No burning on the ground and no outside firewood is permitted. The fire team is responsible for monitoring these issues.

***Medical Coordinator***
The nearest emergency facility is in Ithaca (over 25 minutes away). We are seeking a Medical Coordinator to develop ways to identify attendees with medical training, should they be needed. The Medical Coordinator does not need medical training themselves.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these ‘WE NEED’ Coordinator positions… THANK YOU! Please sign up here:


The Organizing Committee will review all submissions and let you know ASAP if the Coordinator role has been assigned to you.

***Ticketing/Gate Coordinator*** (Becki)
Tickets will be collected in the parking area. Wrist bands will be given out. The coordinator will need to figure out how to manage tickets. We do not have an electronic method at this time, so they’ll need to develop a paper process to get us through this burn. This group will also incorporate greeting functions.

***Volunteer Coordinator*** (Josh)
An online signup for volunteers will be developed and administered. The Volunteer Coordinator will work with all other coordinators to determine needs for volunteer positions.

***Theme Camp Coordinator/Placement*** (Dusty)
A method will be announced soon for theme camp registration. Some theme camps will be placed. There will be a limited number of sound camp placements. All other camping will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

***Pavilion Planner*** (Alan and Dove)
The Pavilion will be used as shared space for all! If anyone wants to reserve time at the Pavilion (DJs, performances or events, etc) it will be available on a scheduled basis. The Pavilion Planners will create and manage a schedule. The pavilion does not have power, so the Organizers will arrange to have a generator.

***Ranger Coordinators*** (Deena and Bird)
Rangers will need to be trained and overseen. Rangers will also address sound issues, if they arise.

***HELP Guide*** (Deena and Dusty)
The HELP guide is our all in one document for Happenings, Events, Logistics and Principles.

***DPW Coordinator *** (Bird)
We need someone to spearhead activities such as Pre-event work weekends, Event setup, and Post-event cleanup. DPW will also be responsible for the Pond.

The PortalBurn Organizing Committee is comprised of people who have been actively involved in making this event happen. All are invited and encouraged to be part of the Organizing Committee in the future.
– Greg (Bird) Cunnignham
– Becki (Poppy) Hawley
– Claire Jackson
– Kim (Dusty) Robinson
– Dove (Starfish) Russo
– Josh Russo
– Deena (Painter) Salzman
– Alan (Sheck) Shechter

We’re off and running! The committee will be working hard to make our next steps happen. Please stay tuned with the FB group to participate in organizing activities and be on the lookout for announcements. Coming soon…
– Ticket Sales
– Volunteer Signups
– Theme Camp Registration
– Events and Happenings (WWW)
Thank you! You’re awesome! Come play with us at PortalBurn!!