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The POrtalBurn 2018 HELP Guide is here! Please download the PDF for viewing or printing.

Color: POrtalBurn HELP Guide 2018 – color-min

Black/White: POrtalBurn HELP Guide 2018 – black and white-min

The Nest Rules

  • open from 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • each time block is 1 hour or 45 minutes (the extra 15 minutes is setup/cleanup time)
  • please do not sign up for more than 2 time blocks (1 hour 45 minutes total) in a row
  • carry-in/carry-out (no storing anything during other people’s time blocks)
  • no smoking allowed in the Nest

4 Responses to Submit Events/Reserve Nest

  1. Raz says:

    Hello I’m looking to submit an event for 2017 when do submissions open up?

  2. Beatrix says:

    I dont have an event per se. but if I want to register interactive art, can I do it here?

    if I come I can bring art. an Orgonite chandelier,
    “Focus light”.

    Art Project Description:
    “Focus light”

    A meditative space holding oracle readings among an orgonite crystal installation. The audience is the participant in this ongoing ritual. A chandelier of orgonite pendulums, in homage to scientists Tesla and Wilhelm Reich’s work, hovers above the participants as they make a query. They are enclosed in a circle while conjuring a manifestation.

    A project of alchemy of self-actualization. I am well versed in mythology, have a background in alternative medicine, and have studied the tarot. I have been making crystal talismans of orgonite crystal gems and lights.

    • Dusty Nipples says:

      Hi Beatrix… your project sounds awesome! Unfortunately, submissions for events and placement have closed. But you can certainly bring Focus Light and set up in open camping! I’m sure it would be a welcome addition! From your description, it doesn’t sound like fire is involved – which is good – because any fire art needs to be placed and as I mentioned, that window has closed. We’ll be publishing the final site map soon showing where open camping is. We hope to see you and your beautiful project at POrtalBurn!

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